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At Serious Tangents, we are committed to delivering entertaining games and tools for use in your daily life. We have a number of different projects that are in various stages of development. Click the links below to see our completed applications in the Google Play store, or take a look at some of the things simmering on the oven to the right.

After working with several different applications for game development, I learned of the Unity3D development platform.  Designed for very small teams in mind, it allows those of us that are great at programming but terrible at 3D Modeling or Music/Sound development to focus on what we love to do... and their asset store and development forums help fill in the blanks.
Spending as much of my spare time as I can, I have become fairly proficient with the tools provided.  Below, you can see some of the fruits of my labor:  Autumn Park Mini Golf and Pesky Humans (still in development).

Autumn Park Mini Golf
Take a relaxing stroll through the Autumn Park and play a round of Miniature Golf. Earn rewards for hidden, trick shots and spotting wildlife. Available now on Desura.

Pesky Humans
Pesky Humans has a long history for me. It was the very first game that I developed from the good old days of DOS 6.0.  I knew as soon as I started learning about Unity3D that I wanted Pesky Humans to be my first project.  The game, which is still being tweaked to improve overall gameplay, can be playtested here:  Pesky Humans

Serious Tangents is also currently in development of two pen-and-paper role playing games.  These projects are seeing a little work here and there but with the focus on the Pesky Humans and APMG projects, they've been sitting idle for the time being.

These two games represent over a decade of personal work.  Whenever I'm not working on one of my Unity3D or Livescribe projects, I'm developing, tinkering, or working on one of these. 

Savalon: Evolution
Set in the far future and deep undergound on a distant planet, Savalon: Evolution is about a society teetering on the edge of collapse... or evolution to the next level.  Although intended as a tabletop RPG, I keep considering the possibility of turning it into a PC game.
Tomb of the Purple Men
A new and unique fantasy role playing game, Tomb of the Purple Men uses a simple and easy to learn system to create complex characters and memorable storylines.  Still in the development/writing stage.

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