[11/12/2019] Our Blog is Live

The Serious Tangent's blog is now online. Near-daily updates for my newest project: Pirate Island Mini Golf, as well as my novels, art, and other random things I like to share!
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[10/1/2019] Beta Reads Underway

After heavy rounds of editing, I have contacted several individuals for feedback on my novels. Once this final round is complete, The Torn Veil series will be available on Amazon Print-On-Demand and Kindle Direct!
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You've reached the home page of Serious Tangents. I'm Joseph, owner and proprietor. I am an artist, writer, and computer game designer/programmer. Through this page and my blog, I hope to introduce you to my many different worlds.
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Echo Livescribe Smartpens

Back in the day, I used to develop for this platform. If you purchased from me in the past and, for whatever reason, need a copy of the documents you purchased, please e-mail me from the address you placed the order from. I'll get you situated.
“Ambition is a poor excuse for not having sense enough to be lazy.”

Edgar Bergen, (Charlie McCarthy)

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