About Me

Meet Booplesnoot!

Everyone, eventually, hears something they can’t explain.

My name is Joseph McEvoy, and I write during graveyard shifts, drawing inspiration from universal fears of death, loneliness, and abandonment. When I’m not writing, I dabble in game design, various kinds of artwork and photography, and avoiding dark places that make all my hair stand up on end.

I’m going to be using this blog to discuss myself and my projects, along with some of the insights I’ve learned as I trudge through the various paths of working an idea to development to testing/editing and final release. Given my various interests, that’s a lot of ground to cover, but hey, it’s not like I sleep anyway.

Not to be taken seriously.

I’ll be updating this over the next couple weeks to get the general layout and it’s my hope to have a fully comprehensive blog updated on the regular not too long after that. Bear with me, as blogging isn’t something I’ve really done before but I’m looking forward to the experience.