My styles of art

A black and white image of a woman wearing chain mail shorts, with green wisps in front and behind her, and a green mystical symbol behind her head.
Alana the Spellcaster

I enjoy a number of different mediums for expressing my creativity.

To start, I love digital art and I use rendering software and Photoshop quite a bit to create brief scenes or characters. I’ve been using programs like Poser and Daz3d for nearly fifteen years and honestly it feels like the technology has finally caught up to what I see in my head. It helps that my main PC can now render a photo in anywhere between fifteen minutes to about an hour. I now get immediate results and can see somebody’s hand is phasing through their stomach in under five minutes, while during those first years it could take over a day before I realized something went wrong.

Recently, I started to dabble with watercolors here and there, although I have always had to deal with a bit of a tremor in my hands. That tends to cause a little anxiety putting brush to a clean, expensive piece of paper, but I don’t let that hold me back, though. I find that watercolors are a little more forgiving if I accidentally go outside the lines.

But the art styles I enjoy don’t stop there. Several years ago I started making bonsai trees and flower trees using stone chips and wire. It’s been a while but I also enjoy wood carving and making walking sticks, embellished with copper wiring and quartz crystals.

Naturally, I also write and create video games, but those have their own categories in this blog. This area will be dedicated to my visual arts, and as I experiment with new mediums or delve deeper into my chosen areas of expertise, I will be posting new entries under this heading.