Pirate Island Mini Golf

Our Screenshot Saturday image, on a Tuesday because this blog didn’t exist then…

The Project:

Pirate Island Mini Golf is going to be a fully immersive, virtual reality environment for use with the HTC Vive. The game environment is huge (easily quadruple the size of the Autumn Park game world) and I designed this for full freedom of movement throughout the world.

I wanted to provide a solid experience and, using the lessons learned from Autumn Park Mini Golf, I realized that the world is two thirds of the game, while the various courses keep the player entertained. To that end, I developed four, 18-hole courses and have set up special enhancements for each course to increase variety and replay-value. I redid the code from the ground up, fixing issues with the peculiar, not-quite-right physics and general game controls.

I’m also giving the player the option to pick their music style to match their mood. Want to listen to some meditation music while watching the sun set over the horizon? Just use the little portable radio and tune it to the right station, then sit down in one of the beach chairs and enjoy the scenery.

Oh yeah, there’s a day-night cycle. Fireflies will pop up after sunset and the birds chirping will give way to crickets and frogs during twilight hours.

Hidden on the island there are a number of unique sea shells the player can pick up and, if they turn them into the collection bin at course one, hole one, they can get a specially-colored golf ball that, when carried to the courses, will activate special obstacles or challenges based on the golf ball.

Yes, at its heart, this is a mini-golf game. But I wanted to give players a full experience while on the island. I’m pretty far along on the project so my goal in this blog is to focus on the enhancements I’m creating, and the play test results.

Hope you enjoy following along on the development journey!