Autumn Park Mini Golf

APMG was my first successfully green-lit game for the Steam platform.

I was pretty stoked about it. Everything about the game design process was exciting for me and I enjoyed every minute of development.

I utilized a game development platform called Unity3D, and it was through that platform that I purchased the park setting/environment, some 3D models, and the music tracks. The programming and rest of the project, though, that was on me.

It felt good, seeing something I created take shape. I took the basic building blocks from other resources, transforming them into my own creation. Writing all the logic and source code, developing the course layouts, creating the challenging quests… each phase of the project got me more psyched up for the next step.

After the game was initially released, I wound up adding an additional 18 holes to the game and wound up fixing a couple of bugs here and there (as recently as last month). For .99 cents, it’s a pretty good deal.

The v.2020 Update:

As I worked on my VR project, I kept thinking about Autumn Park and the handful of little things that I wanted to do with the game, but was unable to do at the time.

In the intervening years, a lot of new tools have become available so I decided to take another look at this game and see what would need to happen to update it and bring it current.

It’s a work in progress, of course, but I’m actually excited about being able to add a couple features that players have been asking for since release (like a Save/Load function). I will be providing further updates as I move forward with these improvements. Stay tuned!