The Torn Veil Series

Waking up fully dressed and tied to a chair was not exactly how I expected to start my day. I mean, I fell asleep naked in a soft, comfortable bed under a light blanket. Logic would dictate under normal circumstances that I would regain consciousness in a very similar manner. Sure, I might have kicked the sheets off, but basically fall asleep in a bed, wake up there too.

– The Light Rail

It was her eyes, the intensity of her look that she was never really able to turn off, that gave her away. The way her pupils just constricted to little points, then got wide when she was about to let go.
“What?” she asked, her voice this happy little thing busy sharpening a knife. “What do you mean, you’re used to it?”

– That Night in the Park

“That the guy is going to see you! You can’t die here! You’re still Necessary!” Colin’s face was all distorted, his jaw distended down way low, and he kept pointing at the exit of the parking lot. He started screaming, “Go! Go! Go!” over and over. All of a sudden, he made this halting, gurgling sound. Like he was at the end of some cosmic bungee cord, Colin snapped backward towards CompuBox so fast he practically folded in half as he flew through the air.

– Wall of Ghosts

The Veil protects the average person from seeing the shadow biomes of the Echoes, realms that are separated from Earth Realm by one single, last breath. Most of the time, when somebody witnesses something inexplicable, the Veil helps them forget come the next sunrise, so the Quick can get on with their lives and forget about the Dead and the alien things that exist further beyond.

But for Michael, his Veil was torn long ago, and every once in a while, the holes floating lazily around the fabric of his Veil line up, and he can truly see. Thing is, the longer he looks, the greater the risk that something might look back. He learned his lessons early on, and, now a young man, he tries his best to ignore it all.

After all, the real world is about bills and relationships and meeting sales metrics. Who really has the time on their hands to chase after phantoms?

The Torn Veil Series follows Michael, a normal geeky guy, trying to live a normal, sane life despite seeing and hearing things nobody else can. But no matter how hard he tries to keep his world safe and orderly, the Echoes somehow always manage bleed through.

The entire trilogy will be available soon, via Kindle Direct Publishing and Amazon. Keep an eye here for updates!