Exit Pass

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Tommy has got a major problem. Because of a brain injury he received from a motorcycle accident four years ago, he suffers from a constant, twenty-four seven hallucination overlay on the real world. Death explained to him that he was seeing The Periphery now, and if he wanted to get out of that twisted Tim Burton slash Dr. Seuss love-child world, he was going to have to find an Exit Pass.

Four years is a long time and it’s not always easy to maintain the happy kind of crazy by yourself. With the help of his friends: the non-Euclidean Mr. McFleecey, the mildly-robotic Evil Theodore, his wisecracking roommate Charlie Mouse, and the rest of the gang, Tommy has spent the past four years trying to escape his own personal Hell. Hallucinating twenty-four seven but hiding it from his boss, co-workers, and the rest of the world, Tommy is stuck in a rut with no clues, no hints, and no cheat codes. But that all changes the day he meets his new HR manager, Jane.

Jane is friendly, innocent, and so very, very real. She’s somehow the only person on the entire planet immune to the madness of The Periphery. She looks so normal, so perfectly human in every curve and in every way. She has got to be his Exit Pass. He knows so much about her now, even though she doesn’t know him at all. But she’ll see. She’ll see Jerry’s the perfect match for her if she knows what’s good for her.

Tommy never was very good at handling rejection. He tends to snap.