Stone Artwork

More stuff from the real world:

So we set the way back machine to 1997, where I was at a gem and mineral show in the Von Braun civic center in downtown Huntsville. I was checking out the various tables and stumbled on a booth that was selling little bonsai trees that were made out of stone chips and wire.

Now, mind you, this is back before they could be found in every new age shop, so the novelty of the idea really struck me. I remarked to the guy running the booth that I’d love to learn how to make those things, and it turned out he had starter kits for sale as well as instruction booklets to explain, in greater detail, how to glue the little chips onto the trees, and so on.

Some three, four hundred trees later, I believe I have refined my technique to making trees down to a science, if that science is focused on torque and probability a stone chip will snap rather than twist just one more time on the copper wire. I use all kinds of stones in my work, and I do actually dabble just a little bit in making trees for a specific ‘function’ or purpose, selecting stones that work together from a metaphysical standpoint.

The tree on the left is Jasper and malachite on Orange Calcite. The one on the right is Garnet, Malachite, on Citrine. The double rose is amethyst and peridot on citrine, and I am drawing a blank on the green stone tree on the Amethyst.

But it’s more than just wire trees. I put wire ON trees too, to make walking sticks.

This is a prototype walking stick that has been growing for about 10 years wrapped in wire with stone chips on the surface. I’m going to make another one after I harvest this one, using better wire for the project.

I will be adding more information here as time permits, but unfortunately working with stones is not something I do often nowadays. I feel like I might need to get into the habit again.