That Night in the Park

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Michael’s only real escape from a very controlling and abusive wife-to-be was a game held in the park, every Friday night during the heat of an Alabama summer. There, he and his friends would portray vampires, werewolves, and other monstrosities in a live-action game. It was the one, single place he felt like he had any power, even if it was imaginary.

He could also pretend his old, lost girlfriend was there too, watching him play and whispering kind words in his ears. It’s all in his head, of course, just like the monster he was pretending to be. But, when Michael starts to see real monsters scampering around in the shadows, he has to decide between the wrath of the monster he knows and the ones quietly hunting in the park.

That Night in the Park is the second book in The Torn Veil series. The Light Rail preceded this work, and the story concludes in Wall of Ghosts.