The Light Rail

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A Darkling swarm of titanic proportions is on the hunt and, once they’ve consumed everything in the ruined Echo of Sacramento, they’re going to try to burrow through into Earth Realm.

Michael believed the best way to recover and reset from the death of his long-time college girlfriend was to travel across the country. He only wanted to take a breath, to take a little time to mentally heal and put some distance between himself and the tragedy. His new online girlfriend seemed kind enough, and maybe it was time for a change.

It was a trip that was supposed to be fun. But after Michael gets abruptly kicked to the curb hundreds of miles from home, he is going to have to learn how to protect himself and close off his heart, quickly.

Never cover your ears. Always listen and listen carefully.

Any ghost can touch you at any time. But if you see one deliberately straining to reach out and touch you, run.

Being ‘Necessary’ is rarely a good thing.

And never, ever fall asleep on a train, especially with your head leaning up against the window.

The question is, can he learn his lessons in time?

The Light Rail is the first book in The Torn Veil series. The story continues in That Night in the Park and concludes in Wall of Ghosts.

The Light Rail is, believe it or not, my fourth completed novel. I would up writing The Torn Veil trilogy in reverse, wanting to further explore Michael’s back story. After a while, it just made sense to release the books as a trilogy, with a number of polished edits to bring the storyline together.

I have been editing these books for a very long time. I felt that now was the time to release them, and I’m honestly quite happy with the results. I hope you enjoy reading them!