Possible new novel alert

I like writing. I like programming. I like making artwork using software on my PC. If you’ve looked through my blog, you probably knew all of that, but the several aspects are all, in a way, intertwined.

Take the above photo, for example. It was an art piece that I started working on this past Thursday, and it took a surprisingly long time to render considering the quality of the PC I use. As soon as I got the finished print, I started thinking about the ghost next to the house and started sketching out the story behind the scene.

It’s just part of what I do. But Friday night and Saturday night, the cannons in my head kept firing and I eventually started writing chapter one for a novel idea that, for the moment, I’m calling Victoria’s Glow.

Whether this turns into another 76K word novel remains to be seen. Generally I don’t work out a photo/cover idea until I’m somewhere around chapter nine or twelve, but this one image is compelling me to write words down on paper.

And the thing about this art piece is that the initial idea spawned while I was tweaking the day-night cycle of my mini-golf game. I noticed that the lighting in the street lamps was cranked way too high and was casting brilliant beams of light like search-lights and as I was making adjustments to that, I started wondering about some of the models I have in my 3D library for graphic work and as soon as I reached a stopping point in my nightly allotment of Pirate Island, I jumped over to the rendering software.

I guess it all fuels each other, in a healthy way. Have a great day everyone!