Got my three pages in…

Some authors will try to make themselves write a set number of words on their current project whenever possible. The usual mind-set is three pages a day, every day, to push forward and all that jazz.

Writing is fickle for me at best. It’s not like I don’t have a plethora of other things to keep me occupied, but it’s not always easy to remember the three page rule.

General attitude plays a role in this. If I have a bad day at my normal-life job, which during the holidays is always a bit of a spiky baseball bat to the face at high velocity, it’s really unlikely that I’m going to get anything written with great consistency.

So I really just tell myself to get three pages written a week. If it seems like that’s not going to happen, I’ll aim for five hundred words instead.

Despite having a case of the grumpy, I completed chapter one of my latest story idea this past week and tonight I have started chapter two. It’s slower going, but I did get my three pages written today.

To help keep me motivated to keep writing, I’ve set up a little widget for the last paragraphs written. It’ll help ‘remind’ me that I need to crank out more words because I don’t want the contents of that widget to become stale. That’s the theory, anyway.

Anyhow, I also got two holes worth of enhancements completed since my last posting on the subject for Pirate Island Mini Golf, and I’ve also created a new little art piece that I’ve decided to call Faceless Dancer.

I realize I’m on a bit of a ghost-goth-creepy woman trend with my artwork, and for the time being I’m okay with that. I’ve been thinking about doing some new scene styles, though. More to come!