Multiplayer Is Taking Shape

So after two intensive months of studying and working on code, I’m finally starting to see some strong, visual results of my efforts. I’ve also discovered all of the code that I put together in preparation for making my game multiplayer … well, it wasn’t 100% wrong, but it’s not going to work out in the current context and will need some serious revising.

At this point, I have multiple players able to run around the playing area, and the players can all see when the first player hits the ball. The parts that are eluding me is switching up the players turns correctly, as the server isn’t quite gathering the players like they should be. Then, notifying individual clients that it’s their turn while moving the golf ball back to where it should have gone… well, I thought I had this down pat but apparently it’s not quite working anywhere near I thought it would.

So, while it’s not completely back to the drawing board, it is going to take a couple days to iron out how this is all supposed to flow together properly. I will need to rewrite about 70% of the code I initially created for multiple players, but compared to figuring out how to generate lobbies, ensuring every player has their Steam icon floating over their head, and making sure all players can see the golf balls moving correctly are now handled. The next part is getting everybody’s individual game controller on the same page with regards to player turns, golf ball coordinates, and ensuring the balls all hit the same way.