Artwork: The Chaperone

Sometimes when I get stuck in a book, I’ll render a picture of a scene I’ve got in my head to try to come up with better details to work with or different ways to describe the scene. The above is a picture necessitated by such writer’s block, and it’s really helping me flesh out the dinner date.

If I’m completely honest with myself, Victoria’s Light is… going slower than I hoped. Focusing on the golf game of course is a part of this but it doesn’t help that I’ve been in a bit of a creative fog. Creating images like these helps me move forward, and since I haven’t posted any artwork in a while I thought I would share.

A quick shout out to my colleague Blam, who helped me balance out the image and gave me some tips on fixing the lighting. Pro Tip: Don’t have spotlights shining directly on glossy plates!

Her art station can be seen here: It’s definitely worth checking out!