Savalon: Three New Art Pieces

Psychic abilities factor heavily into the gameplay of Savalon, as it is the equivalent of magic in the game world. However, unlike some games where there are 65.535 different kinds of spells and magical effects, I had to sit down and figure out a total of five different areas of psychic ability that exist, and then create some specializations within those areas to narrow down the focus, resulting in a total of twenty different ‘abilities’ that a psychic character can possess. For example, Assault Psionics has Anti-Psi, Blast, Sleep (shown below), and Stun (shown above).

Creating the artwork illustrating these abilities (as well as the cybernetic augmentation images) has been a challenge. But honestly, in my opinion these are some of the best pieces I’ve created so far.

Hope that you’re all doing well! With the holiday and new years around the corner, it might be a little longer until my next update. Have a good one!