Savalon: The Next Steps

So it’s been a crazy couple of months and honestly it hasn’t been too easy to focus on this project given the state of the world right now. But some part of me is really pushing to get this done before nukes start flying. So, what do I need to do now?

The current step in the project right now is layouts. I finished doing a number of edits to the documentation and fiction over the last several weeks, and now that I feel like the artwork, fiction, and rulesets are all complete all that really remains is organizing it perfectly.

Each section of the book (character creation, skill descriptions, equipment lists, rules, etc.) has a specialized page background, and I also need to mark specific sections of the book so it’s clearly intended for players, for game planners, or both. Making the decision on how it should look was the easy part. Getting everything configured and set up within my word-processing app of choice and then finagling the sizes so the ‘bleed’ size doesn’t trim off the edge of the page art (but doesn’t leave white borders) is making me tear my hair out.

Fortunately, my contact who helped finance all of this is going to set me up with a group of beta testers for the actual, finished product once I have everything set up. After a few weeks, I should be able to get this published!

This is really a turning point for me, and honestly a serious learning experience too. Once I’ve got the layouts finished and am waiting on the playtesting, I’ll probably turn over to some of the other projects that have been needing a little love.

Hope you are all doing well!