Hit 100 percent complete

Sorry for the delay in updates. During the holiday season my actual paycheck-work tends to keep me running a little ragged and it takes me most of the day to decompress.

However, I’ve made it a point to always try to get a couple more holes finished for my mini golf game, getting various enhancements added to the different layouts, adding loops or bridges or other challenges.

Tonight I finally hit my goal of 6+ challenges per hole, for all four of the 18-hole courses.  I’m pretty stoked.  The image above shows what the obstacles are for the orange golf ball.  The white items are boats that will move around the course and there are some lengths of rope and other little obstacles as well.

My next goals for programming will revolve around creating various music playlists and creating an interactive way for the players to adjust the game music to other genres closer to their liking.  Sure, the default music is going to be easy going acoustic or Hawaiian style, respectively, but with my experience with Autumn Park Mini Golf, one thing I’ve learned is that nobody ever seems satisfied with what I think is good music for a game.

Follow up goals will be examining the courses with a fine tooth comb to overcome problems with seams overlapping or breaks in the models, and then a lot of play through games to make sure that something isn’t just inherently broken with game play.

I hope that everyone is having a great December and a pleasant holiday.  Have a good one!