HTC Vive Repair Tips

A slight departure from my normal blog, I’m going to take a minute to post about a little issue I ran into with my HTC Vive and how I was able to fix it.

When I got my Vive, I sprung for the 99 dollar deluxe headset for the headphones. Over time, with me putting it on and taking it off a couple dozen times an hour whenever I’m developing something and need to confirm the picture, one of the arms holding the earpiece got a little loose.

I didn’t really notice it though until a couple days ago, where I got the very distinct impression that it was about to fall off, which it promptly did the next day.

So I’m thinking “Great, another replacement part I’ve got to order…” because I had just dropped 160 on a replacement infrared sensor box (safety tip, don’t accidentally drop these when you’re about to screw them into the ceiling while plugged into the power).

I decided this morning as I was getting ready to order a replacement to do just a little bit of research into whether this was something I could fix myself. In my mind I thought there was some ball at the end of the pin that was keeping the whole thing in place, turns out I was wrong.

The arm is actually held to the main assembly by a ridiculously tiny screw.

The foam that wraps around the inside of the headset actually will peel back and reveal this screw. I just had to line everything up and hold it in place, and work with a Phillip’s head screwdriver until I could get everything to take.

I then tightened it on the other side as I figured if one was about to come off, so was the other.

I have got to take the little victories where I can.

I’ll be making a couple other posts today, but I wanted to post the link here in case somehow anybody else needs help getting their headset fixed.