Savalon: Artwork Comparison: Old vs. New

So, as I mentioned, Savalon was a project I’ve been working on for a long time, as a counter-project to Tomb of the Purple Man.  I got a lot of that project finished quite some time ago, but I was aiming for a particular artwork style that was simply beyond my technical means.  But that’s kind of a vague phrase, isn’t it?  So, to better explain what I’m talking about, let me show you some ‘placeholder’ artwork and the new art pieces I used to replace them.

An example of a pencil-sketch placeholder that I had for a section on adventure creation. Here is the revised version.

Now, there are still a few pencil sketches that remain in the book. However, they are firmly in the minority compared to the CG versions. For example, I just like the intensity of this one specific piece, and I use it as the ‘partner image’ to the hacking program named “Really Big Gun.”

But it wasn’t just pencil sketches that got the axe. I am in the process of updating and improving an number of CG art pieces that I initially included, but looking at them now I just… can’t.

This image was one that I created as a ‘partner image’ for the skill “Tactical Planning.”

Here is a newer version that I’ve incorporated instead. It reinforces the underground bunker style artwork, with multiple characters in various kinds of armor and cybernetic augmentation. There’s a little more going on in the shot, but it’s clear that this small group is discussing some kind of military operation.

And even these shots will probably get some additional revising before I go to press. But as I mentioned, most of the work I’m doing on this focuses on improving the artwork to match what I had in my head, and I’m now starting to really see this happen.

Hope you’re all doing well. The holidays are coming, but I’m going to keep on trucking. More artwork updates to follow.