Pirate Island : Enhancements

To enhance the replay value of the courses in my mini golf game that is under development, I have created a number of course enhancements that will switch on depending on what color golf ball the player is using when they start the hole.

To get one of the non-white golf balls, the player has to go on a bit of a scavenger hunt to find six unique sea shells that are hidden in various places around the island. They then have to bring the shell to a collection barrel, and are rewarded with a ball whose color is linked to that specific shell.

Most of the enhancements are obstacles or challenges, such as carefully aiming the golf ball to go over a very narrow bridge or a small windmill that the player needs to putt through. I did put in a set of challenges in the way of fish (linked to the blue golf ball) that the player has to avoid knocking into. Because hey, fish are our friends. Depending on the golf ball, there are a couple of cosmetic changes that also take place in the various holes and courses, as well.

Each individual hole is going to have six challenges and about as many obstacles or barriers, which ultimately results in 432 different challenges overall and an additional 650+ barriers divvied up between everything.

This shows just the yellow challenge: Hit all three doubloons and the obstacle is the pyramid, which bounces up and down to block the ball or send it careening in a different direction.

It’s kind of slow going. I try to do all of the barriers and enhancements at a single time on any given hole, so at least the pathway to success doesn’t repeat itself. The point of this is to give variety after all. Once I have the targets or layout calculated, I then turn everything off and let the code turn them back on as necessary.

This process is presently occupying most of my development time on Pirate Island Mini Golf as of late, and I figure it’s going to take a couple weeks to complete. Once I have each of the holes on the four courses set up, I plan to tinker with the physics and program the stations for the radio.

More to come!