Twenty Five Percent

Hey everyone. Been offline for a bit, working on my Pirate Island mini golf game for a while, specifically creating little enhancements for the individual courses in the game.

While keeping the general layout of any one particular hole the same, the enhancements I’m putting in will activate when the player brings a particular golf ball up to the tee area.  Red golf balls will create red-colored challenges: narrow bridges to pass over, rings to jump through, or loops to roll around.

It is slow going mostly because in addition to the enhancements, I’m creating little decorations or obstacles to pair with the little challenges.  Seaweed for fish to hide in, spinning walls, or just normal, static obstacles that prevent an easy shot to the goal.

However, I have just finished up the first 18-hole course-load of enhancements.  Six colors, about 2-6 challenge or obstacles per color, per hole.  It was a pretty healthy amount of work and I’m pretty excited about it!

I will be dedicating a lot of time into the remaining 3 18-hole courses over the next several days.  Ideally, I’d like to get this done before the month is over, so I can focus on the other components I had in mind for development.