Seams to me…

So at some point, and I’m not sure when, some of the golf courses that I created and laid out acquired what I can only describe as seams, tiny little breaks or gaps in what were supposed to be solidly attached tiles in my game.

I noticed them during my recent play test. Although it didn’t really affect the ball’s physics, I can -see- them. So this past week I’ve been working on tracking down the gaps and making corrections to the rounding errors I keep finding. It’s annoying, but hopefully this is one of the last tedious things I will need to work my way through.

Still recovering from the flu (pro tip: Don’t use VR teleportation effects when you’re nauseous!) so I can only go through this in little increments, but even little steps at a time get me closer to my finish line.

I reached out to the creator of the water effects that I was having difficulty with. There seems to be a recurring theme with the problem, but at least Unity -seems- to be working on a patch for the reflection issue. Hopefully we can get some love there.

Anyway, I just wanted to update, give a screenshot of the issue I’m fixing, and generally say hello. Hope everyone is doing well.