More Little Improvements

While I let the larger problem of potentially incorporating multi-player into a game I designed as single player percolate, I’ve been going through some effort to improve various aspects of the envrionment.

The Ocean was a very large piece of this, but I also have been wanting to do something about the trees.

While they look good, and I’ve been making some minor tweaks to specific components to improve their overall quality, I’ve been giving some thought to trying to utilize SpeedTree as an alternative generator for the trees.

Well, the return finally went into my account, so I dropped some cash on the software and some base models, and have been working with them in the environment.

While the above screenshot lacks variety in the trees, admittedly, it was just me throwing down a couple to see how they looked against the ocean and rest of the environment. The real test is going to be when I replace the trees in the terrain with similar versions of the SpeedTree kind, and see if it all works together or if everything just melts down.

I need to decide if I’m just going to keep the palms as coconuts, or if I’m going to include a couple varieties of tree that really, in all reality, wouldn’t be found on an island together. This testing will also start to extend to grass and weeds, as I’m noticing one specific plant in the game has an odd ‘pixel edge’ when viewed in VR and I need to figure out if this is fixable without deleting the entire species of grass from the terrain, which seems overly drastic in my mind.

Still, it’s been a while since I created a Screenshot Saturday post, and I know I need to do that more often. So, hope everyone is having a great week!