What’s in store for Pirate Island?

So I took a break from my VR project for a little while, to avoid burning out on things. It’s been a couple months, and I’m now quite sure where I want to go next with the project.

There is a glaring problem that needs to be solved. Where are all the Pirates? You can’t have a Pirate Island without, like, Pirates running around.

It’s still in the early testing phases, but I’m starting to add realistic people to go with the realistic scenery and environment. My main issue that I face is adding too many figures to one area, which bogs down the system due to the number of polygons being rendered. So, a lot of tweaking will be necessary.

Still, even though the prototype image above looks utterly horrible, I am starting to see the possibilities of having Pirates wandering about the place. This, combined with the improvements I’m making to the island’s environment itself, may be the linchpin to turning this game from Early Access to completed title.

I’m super excited about the prospect and am raring to go! Come on down to the Island and take a peek!