Today’s Update – Store Assets

So as I move closer to releasing my VR game on Steam, there are a handful of advertising components I have been procrastinating on. Tonight I bit the bullet and put together an collection of graphical assets that are required for the store page. These images are the first things that a potential customer will purchase, and I wanted them to be enticing and draw in attention.

So, of course, I stalled a little on getting it done. I have been amassing a large number of screenshots as I play, and I needed to find the right image, the right angle, the right combination to complete what I felt was a necessary, single image representation of my mini golf game that would make or break somebody’s interest in buying the game.

But, as I want this game released as soon as possible (I’ve created a deadline/release date of June 1st) I need to have my ‘Coming soon’ store documentation put together so Steam/Valve can review the information presented and determine just how I fit into the lineup of the other games pending release.

So today, I spent the evening crunching together some graphics and have uploaded a lot of advertisement material to Valve. I need to upload the latest build of the game as well, and there are some code changes I need to implement before doing so (really, really minor stuff, but it’s stuff that needs doing…).

Anyway, insomnia posting, going to hit the hay. Hope you guys are all doing well out there. I will be updating really soon.