Pirate Island: Final Word on Framerates

After a lot of testing, I have finally pulled the trigger and moved the framerate beta over to the main branch. This basically means that anyone who has a copy of the game installed now has the version of the game with the improvements to the frame rate that I’ve been testing without having to take any special steps.

I felt that it was time. I still have not made any particular progress on adding new pirates to the island (as I mentioned previously, due to the framerate issues when multiple scallywags are on the screen). I’ve reached the point though where I don’t think I’m going to further pursue the project. The game play is reasonably solid, the graphics are nice, the issue with the frame rate has been, for the most part, completely fixed.

While the project is important to me, like Autumn Park there’s only so far I can carry something. It seems to work, and work well as best I can tell and based on the feedback I’ve been getting. So, while I’m not abandoning the project completely, I’m going to let it go for now as I focus on new projects.

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep an eye out for new updates!