Undersea Opportunities

So I’m doing further investigation into the idea of making the game multi-player, which I realize extends my release time and the like. While I’ve been mentally percolating how I would address the idea of multiple players/multiple golf clubs/multiple challenge tests, I’ve also been addressing cosmetic issues.

Now that the water/ocean looks right and realistic, I’ve realized that I’ve been neglecting what is happening under the ocean surface. My most recent efforts have focused on the aquatic plant life, discovering that I actually can’t put ten million sea weed plants, coral, and the like all around the island if I want the game to not, like, crash.

So despite wanting a very lush undersea world, I’m making do with an adequately populated undersea world and I plan on moving on to putting actual fish into the world ocean as well as my next cosmetic step.

It’s a short update this week, but I’m pretty happy with the direction of things. I am planning on performing a much deeper dive into the code tomorrow and see if the ideas that I’ve been kicking around will actually work, and then the real challenge of implementing network-based communication begins.